give us wings charts32GUWU implements its FFES program with a strong target of the children, their parents, guardians, community leaders and those who teach the children. All these in their capacities constitute a web of partnerships where children themselves are also viewed as active stakeholders in the partnership whose voices need to be hard and addressed.

To achieve this, key components of the program are; child sponsorship parents’ forum and counseling and guidance. These are closely inter-linked with the aim of realizing a favorable environment for children and especially girl-children to access quality education and stay in school until they complete their education. GUWU acts a key process facilitator and supporter, and also comes in as a parent in its unique capacity

Program Goal:

To advance enlightened and educated communities able to take charge of their development.


  1. To enhance children’s abilities to pursue and complete their primary and secondary education
  2. To strengthen parents/guardians, community leaders and teachers’ collabollation and involvement in their children’s education as they play their complementary roles.
  • To influence attitude change among communities and families to promote children education as a human right.
  1. To enhance children’s abilities to act as change agents in their immediate communities.