BANNERS-3GUWU’s Health Program in run following the principles of social entrepreneurship. It combines direct service delivery with capacity development and facilitation of processes. Key components of the program include; Community Health Insurance; Response to challenges of chronic illnesses; Maternal and child Healthcare, Adolescent Sexual and reproductive health; Nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, plus general service delivery.

Program Goal

To equitably improve the health of communities served by the STJKHCII.


  1. To strengthen quality services and enhance capacities of STLKHCII- outreach communities to access timely and adequate healthcare services.
  2. To promote household nutrition, sanitation and hygiene standards as catalyst for sustainable health living.
  • To enhance a positive reproductive health behavior among male and female youth and their proactive and sustainable access to quality services.
  1. To support people with chronic diseases to mitigate the negative effect and seek services in the right places
  2. To improve maternal and childcare standards among STJKHCII- outreach communities.