give us wings charts3This BBFS program also follows the social entrepreneurship principle to support 12 community groups of women made up of 249 members. These are expected to increase in number over the years as will be made possible with support from more strategic partners who will offer support. Key components under this program are; the pro-poor micro-finance scheme; group capacity strengthening; and value chain development. The main value chains focused on are ground nut and indigenous poultry.

To a lesser extent, GUWU supports other agricultural production areas for purposes of enhancing household food security. The program borrows ideas from the Farmers Field school and its Family to Family approach to advance the highly practical module-based capacity development initiative to enable farmers and farmers groups to practically put to use what they learn and continue learning along the way.

Program Goal:

To improve the economic livelihoods of communities in Uganda


  1. To enhance entrepreneurship capacities and attitudes among communities in Uganda
  2. To increase household incomes and gainful employment opportunities of GUWU-supported community groups.
  • To enhance environmental sustainability and gender inclusive among agricultural communities where GUWU works.